Who Is Fedor Holz And How Rich Is the “Prince of the High Rollers” Today? 

Fedor is one of the younger professional poker players who is gaining a lot of attention. He is well-known for his love of high-stakes poker, and in 2016, he won his first World Series of Poker bracelets by competing in the High Roller for One Drop event. He won more than $4.9 million from just one tournament!

Even when he was still a young man, he was well-known for his exceptional poker skills. Both the acquisition of new skills and the retention of new information did not present him with any significant challenges. In point of fact, heHe inherited the highly intelligent minds of both of his parents. The kind of person who would never think about devoting themselves to poker just for the sake of the game.

On the other hand, his passion for poker was not something that he was born with. While he was attending college, he became acquainted with several other young people who enlightened him regarding the availability of the game. Later on, he concluded that he wanted to devote every waking moment of his life to poker, effectively putting an end to his time spent in the classroom. The choice he made was the best one he has ever made given how far he has come at such a young age and how much progress he has made.

The life story of Fedor Holz

Fedor Holz is a native German who was born in Germany. He is also known by his gaming alias, CrownUpGuy. His mother took care of him and his two sisters and educated all three of them. Holz reported at the time that his life was challenging and that he desired to obtain a degree to make his future more secure. As he had promised, he registered for classes at a college or university.

Because of his high IQ, he didn’t have much trouble learning new things; however, he couldn’t seem to muster the enthusiasm required to continue with his academic pursuits. He had a high IQ, so he didn’t have much trouble learning new things. Later on, he met some new people who became his friends and showed him how successful they were financial as a result of their poker playing. They taught him how to play poker and showed him how successful they were financial.

He wanted to make a lot of money, so he decided to give poker a shot. His goal was to win a lot of money. He started by taking part in low-stakes card games and games played at home, but he lacked both the necessary skills and the necessary background information. As a direct consequence of this, his initial few efforts did not meet with complete success.

That, on the other hand, did not discourage him in the slightest. Instead, he focused more of his attention on his game studies to obtain the necessary skills and knowledge. Think about where he is now as a result of that decision.

His Work in the Poker Industry

When he turned 18, he decided that rather than enrolling in college classes, he would devote his time to becoming a serious poker player instead. He started his career in poker at online poker tables because he found that his preferred playing style and the atmosphere of those tables were the best fit for him.

His lifelong passion was taking part in multi-table tournaments, and as a result, he rose to become a legendary figure in the world of online MTTs. Since that time, he has amassed enormous winnings, and Pocketfives.com has even recognized him as one of the best players in the world when it comes to competing in Multi-Table Tournaments.

He didn’t participate in his first live cash event until 2012. He won €15,000 in prize money after finishing second in the main event of the €500 No-limit Hold’em Deepstacks tournament.

Two years later, he won the World Series of Poker (WSOP), taking home an incredible prize of more than $1.3 million. Following that, he became a high-stakes roller alongside other rising stars such as Justin Bonomo, Tom Dwan, Doug Polk, and many more.

CrownUpGuy surprised the business world by announcing his intention to retire earlier than expected, at the pinnacle of his career, when everyone was rooting for him to succeed. He expressed a desire to pursue new opportunities in 2016. Although many people were upset by this, many other professionals believed that he could not turn his back on it so easily, and they were correct. After a brief spell, Holz resumed his participation in games and competitions. He has remained an active player to the present day.

Various Other Businesses

Even before announcing his retirement, he had begun work on his very first project, Primed Minds. This is a smartphone app that aims to help you develop your mind to reach your full potential and become the best version of yourself. It is designed primarily for poker players to assist them in maintaining their concentration and remaining engaged in the game.

As of today, this is still a downloadable option in both the Playstore and the App Store. It’s a mind-training app that includes both coaching and meditation. There is also a free trial if you want to test the waters before diving in.

Fedor’s team has been working on the new Poker code project for the first year. Another target audience for this book is poker players who want to understand the game and play it efficiently and effectively. It will assist you in becoming a better player by providing training and coaching for you to follow.

He is also affiliated with GGPoker and serves as the brand’s official ambassador (along with Daniel Negreanu, Elky, Jason Koon, and Dan Bilzerian).

Private Life

Despite being a public figure since he was 18 years old, the “Prince of the High Rollers” has been careful to keep his personal life private. We can, however, say with absolute certainty that he has not yet married.

Because he is so focused on maintaining his position at the top of his field, no information about his romantic life or relationships is likely available. Taking everything into account, he is now at the pinnacle of his professional career.