Advice on Targeting and Optimization For Affiliate Marketers Who Run Advertisements in the Gaming  Casinos 

After you’ve decided on the high-quality traffic you want to use for your gambling advertising, you should consider the targeting and optimization strategies you’ll use for those campaigns. Remember that the success of your campaigns is never due to chance or luck; rather, it is the result of a well-planned and well-thought-out advertising strategy. 

We regret to inform you that you must consider almost everything… at least three steps ahead. Make an effort to ask yourself the following questions. 

How much money does your casino spend on advertising each month? 

When we say budget, we mean the testing budget, the campaign’s daily budget, and the overall budget. Consider the pricing model, which refers to the various types of rewards you can expect to receive for promoting various casino brands and the gaming industry as a whole. All of these details play a significant role in the success of your ROI effort. One of the most popular commission models for affiliate marketers is revshare, which is widely accepted. 

What price are you willing to pay for this item? 

Have you investigated the average bids for each category, provider, and keyword, among others? Have you considered the average bid, which indicates that you will most likely need to increase your bid to win the RTB auction? How does the process work in terms of the reimbursements made available by affiliate networks or programs? Payment methods vary greatly and can have a significant impact on your revenue, and thus your income and return on investment. And what are the ramifications if you don’t win? Or maybe you’re winning too much, too fast. 

By the way, that is the purpose of capping. Its goal is to protect your commission payouts as well as affiliate revenue and income generated while marketing casino programs on both the consumer and brand sides of the transaction. 

What specific locations do you intend to target with your casino marketing campaigns? 

It’s possible that focusing on just one country will be insufficient, so consider focusing on the region instead. Even within the same country, governmental legislation can differ significantly from one location to the next. Consider how frequently and at what times of day you want your advertisements to appear to maximize the amount of money you bring in. 

But are you certain that you’re marketing the casino in the most effective way possible? 

Once you’ve successfully targeted the appropriate device and operating system, it’s critical to remember not to exclude yourself from receiving prospective conversions and to avoid being overly specific. The best casino website, according to industry standards, is the one that generates the most revenue. And this is the one that reaches the most partners, no matter where they are. 

What should I do if the funds generated by my casino website are insufficient? Or are there any other partner websites that feature more reputable casinos or brands? What if their social media coverage is superior to that of their competitors, allowing them to secure better affiliate firms, affiliate software, commissions, or tracking tools? 

So… try not to panic. Given the staggering number of casinos, affiliate websites, and affiliate software programs on the market today, it’s perfectly reasonable. However, everything is dependent on the affiliates’ goals and the types of campaigns they run. High-quality casinos and brands may be interested in collaborating with an affiliate marketer whose website now ranks first in many search engine results. Beginner affiliates, on the other hand, have nothing to worry about because the market is flooded with online casinos and igaming tools. There are numerous opportunities available, as well as a variety of commission or rev-share models to choose from. 

Mobile phones, desktop computers, or both? 

The question of which gadget should be targeted is critical. In most cases, we recommend starting on a large scale and then deciding to limit the amount of traffic. 

The device split, on the other hand, can be agreed upon regardless of how the remaining targeting is configured. One of the reasons could be the nature of the service; for example, if it’s a mobile gambling or gaming app, it makes sense to focus primarily on mobile traffic. Or the amount of traffic won on the specific device; if there is a significant difference between the two, we may be able to save time and effort by focusing on which model converts more effectively. 

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for determining which device targeting strategy is best for each specific category. Again, in addition to the internal data from your traffic source, our hypotheses can be supported by general research and business trends. 

Desktop users may dominate the online sector, which is a reasonable assumption given the characteristics of the vertical. However, the rapidly increasing popularity of mobile devices, as well as the adaptations made for services that were previously only available on desktops to meet the mobile-driven demand, quickly turned things upside down. 

Both internal Zeropark data and third-party studies show that mobile devices, particularly tablet computers, are rapidly becoming the dominant platform for online gambling and gaming. Take a look at how traffic was distributed across different types of devices in May. 

Desktop vs Mobile Gambling

How to up your affiliate marketing game with gaming-specific creatives. Your advertising must be slightly tailored to achieve a higher click-through rate (CTR), regardless of the affiliate vertical or visitor type we’re discussing. To be successful, affiliate marketing websites and ad creatives must match the target population, occasional or seasonal trends, and basic consumer demand. 

Pages for landing and pre-landing 

One of the most frequently asked questions about the creative aspect of your campaign is whether or not pre-landers are necessary. The answer is invariably negative: NO. 

However, they may be quite useful in developing a high-converting funnel for your advertisements, and the decision ultimately rests with you as an affiliate marketer. The good news is that such visual aids are frequently included as part of an offer, or they can be easily created with a little help from spy tools or even affiliate systems, which frequently supply affiliates with images.